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3 October 2011

Jody Vance Joins BT Vancouver

Jody Vane is back in the Rogers family. The once successful sports anchor announced today over Twitter she will be joining Citytv Vancouver’s Breakfast Television.

Jody will be replacing Dawn Chubai, and co-hosting with Riaz Meghji. Dawn and Riaz were both recently voted “Best Local TV Personality” in Vancouver.

Part of Jody’s resume includes, a great run as co-anchor of Sportsnet’s SportsnetNews with Jim Van Horne and currently as a sports anchor at CBC Vancouver.

Jody will start at BT October 17th.


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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Michael D says: October 29, 2011

    Nothing wrong with Jody Vance. She’s familiar to Vancouverites and pretty to look at and all but, well, she’s pretty boring. Staid, and not a lot of personality with that weird, man like testosterone voice.

    What the Hell is wrong with the management at Breakfast TV Vancouver. It’s like they get off on firing people and upsetting the dynamic. As soon as someone gets comfortable there, management comes and fires them. It’s like Murphy Brown is managing City TV Breakfast TV Vancouver. The list of fired people or those that are not valued from Breakfast TV are a who’s who… Coleen Christie, Fiona Forbes, Michael Eckford, Simi Sara, Tasha Chiu, Dave Garry, Simi Sara, Mark Docherty…now could Dawn Chubai be close to getting the axe considering her air time has been reduced to a degrading live-on-location segment. At least Dawn was perky and had nice breasts! Oh c’mon, a robotic Jody Vance, and a sophomoric Riaz Meghi anchoring this show? I think I’ll watch Global news instead!

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